Other fun places online to visit that are related to VDoML!!


-Mizu's Stream
Wondering what I'm up to? What games I might be playing? Maybe I'll be gaming with Jynx and my other friends.  Maybe I'm working on the next comic or art.  Check me out on's stream!

**Note: Just because you miss me streaming live, doesn't mean you can't watch past episodes/earlier streamed videos. :D The site archives em, just look under the "Videos" tab next to the info!


-Visual Diary of My Life's YouTube!
Any animations/art processes will be featured here!  As well as Estrella's gameplay videos!


-Bishounen Hunter Es on Tumblr!
Es blogs/reblogs her top bishounen once every day!  Sometimes she'll post random hints to future comics too, so keep an eye out if you want to be ahead of everyone else...
(Don't worry, all of the pictures are safe, she will never post NSFW pictures)


-Angela's account!
Angela is a writer. More often than not, she enjoys writing fanfiction...


-An's Fictionpress here!
Check out her (old) original stories here!  Maybe eventually Project Eta and other stuff will be posted here...


-Mizu's Digital Sketchbook
My blog of my sketches/art, whatever.  If my main website isn't up to date, then this site is. Also gives a look at the process behind the scenes of the comic and my art.



Where else you can find me?


Somewhat active on here.  Will be uploading a mirror of the webcomic here when I can.  Most my fanart will also be featured here.


-Ryuu Animations
I'm a professional artist and animator.  This is my main portfolio website where you can find all my work.


-Ryuu Animations YouTube
My animations are hosted here, as well as any progress videos I create.




Affiliates/Related sites/Friends' sites


-Jynx88/Cassie's Twitch/JustIn TV Stream
(I ocassionally drop in, you'll usually find me on her minecraft streams)


-Jynx88/Cassie's YouTube


-VanitynPride on Comicfury

Fellow artist and gamer, Jynx's/Cassie's friend.