Es-inine Escapades 1

Posted on Mon, 04. Jun 11:20 AM, 2012 in The End that Never Was
Es-inine Escapades 1
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“Busy busy busy”

Fri, 10. Oct 11:09 AM, 2014

VDoML's going at a good pace. :3  I've got two weeks worth of comics done and I'm working on Precious Nightmare with my co-artist and writier, Shay.  No updates on that just yet though, we're just getting the gears moving.  Nothing yet for VDoML: Memoirs. I think that's going to be my next major VDoML project once I'm settled with getting ahead on normal VDoML.


Other news, new animation! I'm in the Channel 757 Fall Film Festival. :3  I'm slowly getting back into my passion.  I've revamped/revamping my portfolio site if anyone's interested on checking that out. :)

Author Notes:

MizuNoRyuu Mon, 04. Jun 11:20 AM, 2012 edit delete
'The End that Never Was'. Thank you Jasper (even though you called it 'Almost End That Wasn't' XD...).

'Es-inine' is a pun(?) on "asinine", meaning 'foolish' or 'stupid'.

Anyways, this story will go on for two weeks, maybe three (to include the resolution). This week is Es's half of the story which is oddly rather light hearted/dark humor where An's... is... ... :/

I'd like to say that the situation is resolved for now, so this is a mere retelling... And I'm trying to be unbiased on the strips to give people a chance to make their own conclusions/decide who they think is right or wrong, than be like, "HEY. HEY. THIS IS WRONG."

By the way, in panel 2, I wanted to include ALL of John's amazing line, but it's hard fitting in a wall of dialogue in a comic.
John: "Cinematography is the art of visual language and GOOD cinematography means that every frame can subconsciously tell a person an entire story without having a single line of dialogue."
We were up late talking about movies and stuff. Things that funnily enough I didn't learn much about while in college.


JasperWB Mon, 04. Jun 12:41 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Quoting me again? That's like a ring solar eclipse and the Transit of Venus both occurring within a month of each other! It never happens! Wait...

I can relate to this particular page myself. Except I'm the one nagging myself because there's no one else around to do so. And I think its funny you have so many possible villains here. Maybe they should all be villains all at the same time? Might make for a real depressing story though...
MizuNoRyuu Tue, 05. Jun 1:36 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Haha XD...

The sad part is, I think it is as you said. Everyone is a villain, but at the same time they're also the protagonist as well. I mean you could reason for anyone being either. And the comic is all black and white.. and An and Es represent light and dark... but life is full of shades of grey, inbetween/both...
XD Getting all philosophical over my comic now. And here I made this comic to serve as a gag lol comic.