The Early Years 07 - Animorphs

Posted on Wed, 07. Dec 4:21 PM, 2011 in Early Years
The Early Years 07 - Animorphs
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Thu, 30. Jan 2:43 PM, 2014

I'm going on hiatus.  No 'buts'. I need to.  I WILL be back when things are settled properly.  I know I will. I have so many comics written down and in my head.  Basically, I need to focus on extracting myself from my environment before continuing my webcomics.  If I'm not back by my birthday (April 17), then there are some major problems.


The BRIGHT side though.  I WILL update on this: I am mentally and emotionally better.  Changing myself has rippled outwards and is slowly but surely changing what's around me.  And once I'm out of this cage, I will fly.


I'm still here.

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MizuNoRyuu Wed, 07. Dec 4:21 PM, 2011 edit delete
Anyone remember Animorphs?

Quick return to a gag for Early Years... but also helps continue the story...

This is why parents should talk to their kids about the stuff kids do... Or this shows at least the mentality as a kid... keen to believe anything's real...


Doomy Wed, 07. Dec 4:40 PM, 2011 edit delete reply
Ah when I saw Animorphs I thought it was that one Transformers show with mechanical animals.

I swear, Optimus Prime was like a friggin' Gorilla and the bad guys were dinosaurs.

But yes, I used to be paranoid like that when I was a child. I SERIOUSLY thought my mom was an Alien because her Green Card said she was an alien. >A>;;;
MizuNoRyuu Wed, 07. Dec 5:11 PM, 2011 edit delete reply
XD... You're referring to Beast Wars... That series was awesome, well from what little I saw of it... And was probably one of my stepping stones into wanting to do 3D animation...

:D I'm so glad people relate to things like this...
Except I think yours is much scarier... I bet you were expecting a chestburster to come out of your mom at any moment... o-o...
B-Ha Wed, 07. Dec 9:44 PM, 2011 edit delete reply
"...because her Green Card said she was an alien" <-- Win. XD

But ya, I remember wishing a number of anime were real and spending hrs thinking about what would happen if they were....