Not in the mood...

Posted on Tue, 13. Dec 12:54 PM, 2011 in 2011
Not in the mood...
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Mon, 15. Sep 6:39 PM, 2014

Hi. I'm not dead. :3


There's going to be some changes to the webcomic, some of which I don't know if I can roll out in a week, but... I guess this is just a countdown to the restart now that I've FINALLY found my feet.  Or wings. I don't know which.


The content isn't changing, it's still going to be the VDoML you all know and love.

Author Notes:

MizuNoRyuu Tue, 13. Dec 12:54 PM, 2011 edit delete
Wasn't quite in the mood to make a comic... D:


B-Ha Wed, 14. Dec 1:46 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
*shrugs* Don't burn yourself out. If you don't feel like it that's cool; just use a pre-prepared one.

But you made one anyways. :p
...unless this was pre-prepared... that'd be ironic. XD
MizuNoRyuu Wed, 14. Dec 2:38 AM, 2011 edit delete reply
XD I was thinking of having a pre-prepared one... didn't happen though.

Not really burnt out... Just not inspired. I still have some comics in my sketchbook I haven't used, but I don't feel like using them just yet...

I think it's just with the impending graduation, I don't have much else on my mind...