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“*Hits the restart button*”

Sun, 21. Sep 10:13 AM, 2014

Hey guys! I'm baaaaack! *tries not to say that in a sinister way*


Anyways, yeah. Lots of things have changed, so I'm going to spend this week telling you guys about it (so yes, a comic strip every day!). Things around the comic are going to change.  Hopefully I'll get around to working on the site itself, but hopefully before the end of this week, I'll set up a Patreon so you guys can support me and my future endeavors (which should include Project Eta and Precious Nightmare as well, not just VDoML). :3


Visual Diary's going to update twice a week, Mondays and Fridays.  Yes, I love you guys that much. XD Eventually I want to get back into art posts for Saturdays, but that may be a long ways off at the moment, I won't promise anything yet.  What I REALLY would like to do is to revamp The Early Years. I'll be moving that entire section to a new comic to keep from cluttering up VDoML's gag structure and make "The Early Years" easier to read. Actually, I'm going to scrap it being 'The Early Years' and call it 'VDoML: Memoirs".  I'll let you guys know when it launches, it's not ready yet. Now that I think about it, I might also use the blog more often to keep you guys up to date...

Author Notes:

MizuNoRyuu Sun, 01. Apr 7:31 PM, 2012 edit delete
No more comics. :(


(An: "Hey! Hey! Hover over the comic image!")


jocopman Sun, 01. Apr 7:59 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
this is why i hate April fools day on the internet you cant tell what is true and what isn't
MizuNoRyuu Sun, 01. Apr 8:09 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
:( Sorry?
I wanted to put in the author's comments that this was an actual conversation my brother and I had yesterday, cuz I didn't make an art post. XD...

It's not just the internet though. Cartoon Network put Toonami on at midnight last night... :/ ...
I personally don't like April Fools myself, but I thought it was too good to pass up considering this was dialogue I had with my brother.
jocopman Sun, 01. Apr 10:34 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
at least you put in the author's notes that it was a joke even if some what based on a real event soooo many people forget to mention it being a joke
Clef Sun, 01. Apr 8:09 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Shorty after the gasp, is frown was turned upside down at the sudden realization of "My sister's mental instability will no longer be hung out for everyone to see like a cloth-line of dirty laundery!!"

Said hopes were instantly crushed with An's rebuttal of "psych!"

I watched the video. Seems like you were making an instructional video rather then an in-character playthrough.

Was expecting something like this. except with you there and screaming "ME NO LEIK LOSE!"
MizuNoRyuu Sun, 01. Apr 8:14 PM, 2012 edit delete reply

Well, some of the games I play have few info/walkthroughs/playthroughs to be honest. There is some raging (3rd video that I have so far is full of losses and some rants).

Again, this is a game I've mastered and I'm coming back to. There are rants in later plays of the game (since there's a character that I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME PLAY AS). I might make a few Hard difficulty attempts later... But yeah, this is a simple game fighting game. Nothing to rage at too hard. Now... if/when I get around to playing other games like Megaman? XD... Will be yelling at the screen and probably throwing the controller.

I'm still trying to get a hold of Es down in real life. It's always easier when you have a script, yknow? But this needs to be spontaneous. The other thing is, I was kind of afraid to start spewing out the swears on recording like I normally do when talking to friends.
Clef Sun, 01. Apr 8:21 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
Well, having a script for the pre-game sessions (i.e. toggling through option screen, ect) can help. Maybe have a second voice over audio file with An trying to calm Es down as she laments (in real-time) about taking too long for the game to start, ect.

Be creative...roleplay...roleplay...
MizuNoRyuu Sun, 01. Apr 8:26 PM, 2012 edit delete reply
XD... You make me want to redo some of the gameplay now...

I was thinking of doing both An and Es at the same time, but I just wanted to get the thing out there...

I might rerecord the next run then because the next character playthrough is my #2 bishie. XDD
... I say that and now I feel like I want to rerecord it all period. X.x...

Sometimes, 1 AM spontaneity needs to be rechecked. XDD (I recorded all the runs I've done so far at like, 1-3 AM on Friday...)