Main Characters


The unseen main character of the comic that's represented by Estrella and Angela.

... And she's still looking for that job.

Age: 21











Considered the 'dark' side or the 'devil' of the two halves to Heidi.  She always acts tough and is rather superficial.  She aspires to be an animator and loves drawing.  She keeps a sketchbook with her wherever she goes.
Es is also a huge anime fangirl and tends to drool over hot anime characters.  She has a list of her bishounen, all ranked from top to bottom.
Es also likes sleeping with her favorite toy, Sandy, the teddy bear with a pink dress. Es has the ability to sleep anywhere at any time.


The Early Years: Es has a tendency to lock up and bully Angela, hating An's positive outlook on like and childish ways.  Deep down, she cares about her other half.


Self proclaimed nickname: "Bishounen Hunter Es(trella)"


Hobbies: Drawing, animating, making models/sculptures
Likes: Anime, videogames, MMOs/MMORPGs, Gundam, bishounen
Dislikes: cute cuddly things, fangirls, Angela, Eugene, romantic relationships
(actually, some of her dislikes are questionable...)















The 'angel' or 'good half' between the two.  She is often seen either crying over something or keeping Es out of trouble.. or going overboard.  She is rather sensitive, and is prone to breaking easily.
Angela loves writing stories, but they tend to either go on and on or she drops one and moves on to another.  Her original dream was to become a zoologist, but all hopes of that were crushed when she was a child.


The Early Years: Angela in her youth was very talkitive and believed anything and everything.  She is often restrained by Estrella, especially when Angela cannot control herself or breaks down.  Although chained often, she understands emotions better than Es.


Hobbies: Writing, reading, cooking, baking
Likes: food, cute animals, fluffy stories, fanfictions, hugging/cuddling, cartoons, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
Dislikes: ... mean peoples :(





Heidi's older brother.  He tends to pop up when he's not wanted, much to Es's annoyance.  Eugene looks after his little sister and took her in when she decided to go to a nearby college.

Age: 29
Likes: Star Trek, BMW, his car
Dislikes: .... Mom.








Heidi's and Eugene's mother.  She followed Heidi and moved in to Eugene's townhouse to get Heidi settled in when Heidi started college.  She finally left.

Age: Ancient...












Online Friends


































Other Mentioned Characters

College Friends:

Cassie - Heidi's friend that Es often plays Minecraft with.

Laurie - Cassie's friend and new friend of Heidi's.  She takes part in the shenanigans that happen on their Minecraft server.  She runs a couple webcomics on Comicfury under the name, vanitynpride.

Brody - A good friend of Heidi's, recently joined the girls on Minecraft.

Rebecca - Best friends with Jyo.  She's a little crazy and touchy feely, much to Es's dislike.

Jyo - Best friends with Rebecca, good friend of Heidi's that is usually tough on her.

Rebekah - Not to be confused with Jyo's friend.  She loves Higurashi as much as Angela does and she refers to Heidi as "Shion" and Rebekah is known as "Mion".

Leila - Fellow animator and friend.