You're an angel!

Posted on Mon, 20. Oct 10:01 AM, 2014
You're an angel!
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“Busy busy busy”

Fri, 10. Oct 11:09 AM, 2014

VDoML's going at a good pace. :3  I've got two weeks worth of comics done and I'm working on Precious Nightmare with my co-artist and writier, Shay.  No updates on that just yet though, we're just getting the gears moving.  Nothing yet for VDoML: Memoirs. I think that's going to be my next major VDoML project once I'm settled with getting ahead on normal VDoML.


Other news, new animation! I'm in the Channel 757 Fall Film Festival. :3  I'm slowly getting back into my passion.  I've revamped/revamping my portfolio site if anyone's interested on checking that out. :)

Author Notes:

MizuNoRyuu Mon, 20. Oct 10:01 AM, 2014 edit delete
:< A dear shoutout to my two coworkers here in the comic. Especially for one that is moving away. Love you girls!

But yeah... @_@ I was called an angel like, 3 times in one week not too long ago. XD


GigaNerd17 Mon, 20. Oct 11:43 AM, 2014 edit delete reply
That means you're doing a stellar job! <:)
Headgamer Mon, 20. Oct 1:20 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
Yup. :)
MizuNoRyuu Mon, 20. Oct 5:47 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
Yep. X3 Glad someone thinks so! A the co-worker in the 2nd panel agreed with you when I told her about your comment today. :3
heydeze Mon, 20. Oct 3:10 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
I wonder how Es would have taken it.
Shay Tue, 21. Oct 4:56 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
Es would be drinking on the job :P
Guest Mon, 20. Oct 4:14 PM, 2014 edit delete reply
... and a "miracle baby".